The Artist


cashumi is a painter and video artist whose style can be described as “magickal realism”. It should not be confused with the “magic realism” (realismo mágico) of the 1920s, which drew a realistic picture of the world with the addition of magical elements. In contrast, both worlds are treated here as being in balance.

Her artworks are the visualization or evocation of an abstract idea, or the essence of a poem, a play or a magickal idea from antiquity, but they also deal with magickal symbols, sacred geometry or magickal places and people.

Her artworks made from cardboard, which she uses as a painting mat or “Used Cardboard Art” are the fabric of past works of art that materialize into something new.

All in all, she sees her art as an interaction between the artist and the spirit of the artwork.

She paints on and with everything, but primarily with acrylics, but also with pastels or charcoal, mainly on canvas and paper. From time to time she also creates artworks with clay.